Creating Characters Through Questions

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Writing essays isn’t much different from writing a story. In this video, I talk about how asking yourself questions can help you develop interesting characters that stay interesting throughout your piece.

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Be Inspired by All Minds

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Writing isn’t just about telling a story or expressing a feeling. It’s about creating a whole world. It’s about opening a door into your mind. Into your heart. Writing is about communication and connection. When you write, you’re grabbing pieces of the world that catch your eye. Then gluing them together into a formation that appeals most to you. When you create this collage of words, you are creating the greatest picture of all. You are creating an entrance to your mind.

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Grammar is Fascinating

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The idea of learning grammar sounds like a boring concept to many, especially since we as writers feel we definitely understand most concepts needed to be able to create our pieces. But do you know the difference between dreamed and dreamt? What do you think about splitting infinitives? Did you know that the bee’s knees did not originally mean what it does now? You can find out more about these topics at Grammar Girl.

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Heart of Darkness Intro

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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a very well known novella in the academic world that you all should definitely read whether in class or not. You can learn a lot by practicing your analytical skills on this book. There are also a few different film adaptions made that you can watch after you read the book if your parents are okay with it.

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This video describes a technique similar to writing prompts that tell you to use the word, for example, “orange” in a short story. The main difference really is that you can use the word given in the prompt once and then never again. I like to think of glimmers as having a little more meaning to them than that. (Though, they can be used like those prompts if you wish.)

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