The Pecha Kucha

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The Pecha Kucha is a fascinating poetic form created by the poet Terrance Hayes. To learn more about him head to his website at

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Poetry is Precise

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When writing poetry, many feel the need to be vague to appeal to the idea of poems having many different layers of meaning. Try to avoid that mentality. Be intricate, not vague. A poem can have a variety of meanings but not through destroying the clarity of the piece. By doing so you’re actually destroying the many meanings you’re trying to create.

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Read Everything!

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This video talks about the importance of reading for all writers and how it can improve your writing.
(Sorry for the scratchy voice, I’ve been sick.)

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Writing Exercise: Random First Sentence

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There are plenty of websites that generate different kinds of prompts but we’ve all had the list of nouns thrown at us too many times. Sure, they can spark a great story but I have a different idea. Let’s generate a random first sentence. Starting a story is one of the hardest things to do so it’d be nice if we could find a way to have the first sentence already on the page. Let’s try it.

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Genres by Ashley G.

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This post was written by AYWI student blogger Ashley!

Genres. Without genres, there would be less creativity in the universe. It would be bland. Just black and white. No color. Genres are the secret ingredient to books, movies, music, dance and etc. They help people decide what they like and what they don’t like. Many may like action; others may enjoy horror. 

I believe genres are what define a person. It sets each individual to be unique and one of a kind. Genres define writers as a whole and as to what they prefer to write. They are the source that keeps the world spinning with imagination. If we didn’t have genres, it would be  boring and plain. No action. No fear. No sadness. No joy. No emotion for the human brain to comprehend. 

For me, I love most of the genres. I know others may enjoy only one genre or as many as they would like. But, with being an author, a musician, an artist, a dancer or whatever career you choose try working with different genres. It may just brighten your horizon. The one genre you despise could end up being a favorite of yours if you give it a try. Genres give us a chance to venture out of our comfort zone. There are a lot of genres out there.  So many that I don’t have enough fingers to count them all. For those that love to read, try at least reading a different genre a day. You may not know it, but it could change your life forever. I know they change my life every day. 

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