Interview with Terra Elan McVoy

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AYWI student member Amira had the opportunity to interview author Terra Elan McVoy!  Read on to see what Terra said about writing, inspiration, characters, and more! 

A simple plot, storyline, or idea can alter one’s way of thinking. Words can weasel their way into brains and sit there waiting for you to think of them again. Books and novels have this specific power. Authors such as Terra Elan McVoy have captivated their readers with plots that make them think and contemplate different things going on in their lives. Ms. McVoy has a unique style that reels her readers in and makes them want to read more. Many are curious of how authors became authors – how they started writing. Ms. Terra Elan McVoy has shared her story of how writing has been a big part of her life since she was a young girl. Growing up as the oldest of three girls, she has developed a passion for the elegant skill of storytelling and does it masterfully. She is the author of After the Kiss, Pure, The Summer of Firsts and Lasts, and Being Friends With Boys. With these books, she has shown readers that anything can happen, and life is to be lived without any regrets.

When did you start writing, and how long after this did you decide that you wanted to be an author?

I didn’t really “decide” I wanted to be a writer. I’ve just loved reading and writing from the minute I figured out how to do both, which was, like, age 4. It’s just something I’ve always done and always loved. Writing was my passion and my hobby—I just did it on my own. Until I got an idea for a project that I shared with some editor friends while I was working in NYC at as an editorial assistant. It was still just a way for me to entertain myself for a long time, but it eventually became Pure.

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Interview with Pamela Turner

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AYWI student writer Erin interviewed and profiled director and playwright Pamela Turner.  Read on to learn more about this incredible writer!

A play is a communication device, and to communicate, there must be someone both sending the message and receiving it.  You, the theatergoer — or even you, the reader — are the receiver.  And, at least in the case of plays such as Mother/Monster and The Judas Gospel, the sender goes by the name of playwright Pamela Turner.

Playwriting is a very specific genre in that it is just as much about the visuals as it is about the language — “show not tell” is especially true here where so many of a character’s inner thoughts have to be projected, sometimes even wordlessly, onto a stage.  Also, all movement has to be shown, making clear stage directions essential, and to write the script, a talented playwright is another elemental part of the equation.

Pamela is not only a prolific sender with over 16 plays to her credit but also a gifted one:  awards she has won include the 2006 American Theatre Coop Playwriting Competition winner for her play Funny Valentine, “Outstanding Playwright” in the 2007 Chester Horn Short Play Festival for the play Male Man, and the 2001 Porter Fleming award for The Further Adventures of Louise Heavingbodice.  She has others in the works too — Hidden Man is only one of them.  After all, communication isn’t one thought.  It takes many, and sometimes a sender just wants to keep on sending. 

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Interview with Theresa Davis

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AYWI Student Writer Olivia interviewed and profiled the venerable Theresa Davis, an Atlanta-based poet who has been shaking up the slam poetry slam for some time now. We’re lucky to count Theresa as one of our instructors! Read on to get informed—and then, get inspired to write today!

One of the great things about living in Atlanta is being able to meet a wonderful variety people, some strange and some very cool. This past year, through my experiences at the Alliance Theatre, I’ve been able to meet many older, professional writers, one of them definitely very cool: poet Theresa Davis.

For those of you not quite familiar with the poetry scene in Atlanta, Theresa is a powerful slam poet. Slam poetry is difficult for me to explain because how unique the art is. It is taking a poem that’s been written by you and performing it before an audience and panel of  judges. But it’s not just a performance: it is a declaration of oneself to the audience, the truth being spoken in all senses of the word.  Being someone who promotes her beliefs in the strongest way and backs them up with all the right words, Theresa’s personality fits right into the act of slamming.

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