Who We Are

The Atlanta Young Writers Institute nurtures and supports adolescent writers as they explore the art, craft, business, and practice of storytelling.  Our courses, events, and programs invite participants to grapple and experiment with fiction and nonfiction storytelling in its more classic forms—the novel, the short story, or the poem, for example—and its more eclectic varieties—the graphic novel, flash fiction, or story written in stanza form.

How Does Story Exist in You?

Story articulates itself differently in every single writer. AYWI programming is designed to help young writers tune into their unique writing voices and find how story expresses itself through them. Whether we are weighing in on a participant including secondary character backstory during Peer Critique or  learning during Fiction Seminar how to raise the personal stakes for our protagonist even more—and why doing so matters—our writers are always uncovering and evolving how they bring story to life.