“Balanced” by Ashley G.

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This piece comes from AYWI student writer, Ashley G!

Light is valuable. Dark is mysterious. As one, they’re ying yang. They fight battles of mystic creatures: vampires, werewolves, Cyclops, dragons, fays, elves, fairies, and witches. Each have valuable powers too powerful for mystickind and humankind. Light and Dark have wings of unknown force. They are the so called heroes of the dimensions. Light and Dark have love that no one has ever seen. They live in the in-between dimension of Good and Bad. Magic and Science. Real and Fantasy. Life and Death.

They hold the balance that can easily tip if not to careful. That can rain destruction or rain pure happiness and unicorns. A little of too much and the spilt of time and space can in one swift move have our dimensions vanished from the universe into an unknown land of nothing but whiteness. Nothing can set the balance right. Light and Dark can’t. The end will be the same if tipped, good or bad, the worlds will collide and will tear the worlds into nothing.

Light and Dark will parish as they try to save the worlds but since they are immortal they can’t die as race after race is no longer visible. That is until two babies, Kai and Zea, can help parish the worlds back together. As harmony strikes and melody flows. They will bring back the balance of time and space. It may take time but we will all see each other again. Maybe in first life or maybe in second life. Who knows?

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