Reading Matters by Ashley G

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This post was written by AYWI student blogger Ashley!

Reading is important for many reasons. It helps with expanding your vocabulary and it increases your imagination. To me, writing isn’t just about words;  it’s also about creative pictures. It’s almost like dancing, singing and drawing. Those activities are a way to express yourself. Writing is also a part of that. Writing can help you calm down and it can help motivate you. That’s just how much I enjoy reading and writing. It’s a motivation for me!

With writing, you can do anything with your words and imagination because you have the ability to draw a picture in your readers’ mind. Your writing should be creative to help encourage your readers to read your book. You should  also hold your reader’s attention when you’re writing. That could help encourage your readers to want to read more of what you’re writing. Writing can be fun at any given time.

Nowadays, people don’t read because they don’t have the encouragement or desire to do so.  Our books should be able to help encourage a person to read. I believe words are powerful and if you have the ability to transform letters into words, then you have the ability to change the mind of  one person’s perspective on reading. That is all that it takes and that one person can help change more people’s perspective on reading. You can help change many as well. Every author in this world, aspiring or published,  should have at least one book that they have written or is writing that will have some positive change on a person’s life and by doing so that will change the life of both yours and theirs forever. Let’s encourage one reader with one book at a time.  Happy Reading!

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